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Children's Ministry

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, First Church's mission is simple when it comes to our Children's Ministry. We provide the best spiritual opportunities for children to grow and learn about the wonderful love of Jesus Christ, in a safe, fun, and loving environment. We accomplish these simple yet powerful goals by working with children and their families to instill the following concepts into their young lives:

Connect: Teach children to love and worship God

Grow: Show children how to live and learn in a life of truth

Serve: Povide opportunities for children to share the love of Jesus with others

First Church cares about the family and what we can do to help parents and children enjoy and learn on their journey with Christ. We offer several opportunities such as Sunday school at 9:30 am, Children's church, kids's choir, mid-week activities, or our annual events, all designed for one purpose: to help parents and children to live a life for Jesus.